À la carte

Brands On Board— October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s going to be pink everywhere, and on everyone. Many brands have joined in, creating limited edition pink products. You buy them, your purchase helps fund related charities and research. Seems like a perfect time to pick up a few things for the kitchen OK, Halloween— We haven’t been avoiding the subject on purpose, it’s just that there’re so many pumpkin spice stories out there, we didn’t see a need to jump into the fray. Still, Halloween is a little about the scary, and a lot about the sweet, so… Here. All the candy you need. Meat Ties— Remember that recent report published in The Annals of Internal Medicine suggesting that adults don’t need to cut red (or processed) meat intake? Turns out the author has some interesting, but not surprising, ties to big food. Shocker. Finally— David Chang travels the world and eats with celebrities on Netflix.