À la carte

When Guac Does Good— Plastic pollution is ruining our oceans and making a mess of… well, everything. Single use plastic bags are increasingly on the “no thanks” list, and plastic straws and utensils have followed. Using tech that began development in 2012, Biofase, a company in Mexico, has developed a way to turn avocado pits into plastic straws and utensils that bio-degrade after 240 days. So go ahead and order the guacamole, then ask the restaurant what they’re doing with the pits. Forget Cupid’s Arrow— Nothing says “I love you” like carbs. No, in excess they’re not good for you, but neither is scarfing a box of chocolates. Valentine’s Day is the time we give our diets a break and just let the delicious goodies flow. Olive Garden knows: their Breadstick Bouquet is here to melt your intended’s heart. Everybody Loves Donuts— Including McDonald’s. Breakfast has been slumping recently over at the golden arches and so they’re introducing “donut sticks” to the menu (not to be confused with “donut fries” from ‘Dunkin). They’re a lot like churros. Are they going to save Micky D’s breakfast? Puede que si. Finally— No Valentine? Treat Yourself.