À la carte

Because Dogs are the Best—That famous sense of smell; fidos around the world help sniff out drugs, bombs… even illness. It only makes sense to put that incredible canine ability to work, sniffing out corked wine. Compounds responsible for causing cork taint (affecting the aroma and flavor of wine) can also contaminate barrels; a Chilean barrel maker has trained a team of dogs to keep things on the up and up. Fraud!— Weed killer in everyday foods… remember that one? Pretty bad right? Ok, how about straight up food fraud? Think: Honey, that’s not 100% real honey; painted olives, mixed-up wines, and red snapper?… (when you read it—wow, just, wow). What have you been eating? 20 Years Later— Nigella Lawson’s “Hot to Eat” is celebrating its twentieth anniversary.  The book was ahead of its time. Ms. Lawson, considered by many in Britain to be the epitome of the domestic goddess, is just as private (and gorgeous) as ever. Really, she’d still rather just talk about food. Finally— An interesting take on lab grown meat and climate science.