À la carte

O.G Martha Stewart— Is partnering with Canopy Growth, a Canadian marijuana grower (and one of the world’s largest marijuana producers) to develop a new line of hemp-based, animal health products. She’s not trying to get your pets high; CBD (cannabidoil) products don’t contain THC, the psychoactive agent in marijuana. Both THC and CBD products are booming in Canada since recreational use was legalized last October. C’mon New York, you’re falling waaay behind on this… They’re Not Gonna Take It— You know management is beyond Lumbergh-level bad when the whole staff just says “f- it” and peaces out. That happened at not one, but THREE separate Sonic restaurants in Ohio. Apparently, the stores were recently bought out by “corporate,” and that’s when things went south—namely, employee paychecks. Their goodbye notes are fantastic. And On That Note— If you’ve been attention, for a years now, fast food workers across the nation have been campaigning in support of a living wage of $15 per hour, and in Seattle, New York, and California it’s already a reality. Obviously, everyone’s not thrilled about this, (ahem, In-N-Out Burger), but you can’t tell employees not to wear buttons in support of the cause. And the Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear your whining. Finally— Aren’t these called Caramel Delites now?