À la carte

Spray It— Vermont based, Coombs Family Farm, just put maple syrup in a can that you can spray on your pancakes, waffles, ribs… whatever you want. Will it keep your fingers from getting sticky? Who cares. Pyrex Goes Deep— You know those Pyrex casserole baking dishes? The two-inch deep kind you’d use for baked ziti or chicken divan? Well, Pyrex just dropped an extra inch on their bakeware creating their deepest dishes ever, for exploring recipes that bring more people together. 12 layer dip anyone? 7-Eleven Wants You to Hang— No, not in the parking lot. They’ve opened a test store in Dallas, TX that features a bar with a large selection of beer, cider, and wine; loads of snacks including ice cream and frozen yogurt with all the toppings and mix-ins; even an outpost of the Laredo Taco Co., which 7-Eleven acquired in 2018. Complete with indoor and outdoor seating, the test store could be a sign of things to come. Finally— An interesting take on diet and its relationship to the evolution of language (or, “Where do ‘F’ words come from?)