À la carte

No. Not just, “whatever”— We get it. Chick-fil-A makes a great chicken sandwich. But by now we’d think that most people understand the way change works. And that when a person, or organization, engages in a certain behavior, is made aware of how that behavior might be damaging, but chooses to continue in pretty much the same manner; that person or organization is being loud and clear about “who” they are. Small consumer decisions can have a large impact, inclusivity should always be a focus, and there are lots of amazing chicken sandwiches out there.  Food Incubators Know—Parents know. Years of attending elementary and middle school functions have taught me, if there’s any food involved, there’s one definite no-no: nuts. Because, allergies and real, life-threatening danger. Some of us also know what some start-up food companies and business incubators do; early introduction to high-risk foods can prevent those allergies. And now you know too. Size Matters?— Americans’ demand for fish seems oddly specific, apparently we want our fillets to be a uniform size, basically something that fits on a plate (seems sensible enough). The issue? A lot of the fish we eat are that size when they’re babies. So basically we’re eating the fish equivalent of veal, (delicious yes, but, babies?), and this isn’t great for our oceans. Finally— Yes. But, no. But, Yes.