À la carte

Okay San Jose— Chick-fil-A won’t be in San Antonio or Buffalo airports anymore, because, donations to groups that discriminate against LGBTQ. In San Jose however, it was too late to pull the deal. So… this headline. Will waving the flag be enough? Will it confuse people? Teens don’t even seem to care. Hmmm… Hey Yo, Pass the Mayo— Two things: 1) if you’re a mayonnaise fan and haven’t tried Kewpie, the beloved Japanese mayo, please go get a bottle today. You will thank us. 2) MSG suffers from cultural bias, and a lot of the bad stuff we’ve heard about it has been debunked. Chefs say it makes things delicious. (It’s not in the US formula of Kewpie. Our loss) Communication is Everything— Lucky Lee’s, a restaurant that serves “clean Chinese” food, opened last week to a bit of an uproar. Its two non-Chinese owners are being accused of cultural appropriation and complete tone-deafness. Yes, “clean” eating has certain connotations in the world of food, (eating organic, using alternative, healthier ingredients), but in the context of Chinese restaurants, it evokes damaging stereotypes. Finally— Breakfast for dinner?