À la carte

Crack is No Joke— Crack hit inner cities like a bomb in the 80’s. It devastated communities—in particular the Black community—and was named Time magazine’s issue of the year in 1986. What the crack epidemic brought to light about our society as a whole probably fills volumes. “Crack foods” are a much more recent offering. They are often delicious, though their addictive qualities are not yet quite understood. They devastate nothing but cravings for scrumptious eats. Is the “Crack” descriptor in poor taste? Does is make fun of something that’s not funny at all? Or does it simply offer a shorthand that can be widely and immediately understood? Even so, is it still offensive? Lazy? It’s something to think about over a slice of Milk Bar Pie. We Didn’t Even Know— McDonald’s had a lineup of Signature Crafted Recipe Burgers. These were supposed to be custom burgers with premium ingredients, apparently for people who don’t love McDonald’s. The line is going away as the company turns their attention to dressing up the Quarter Pounder. Oh SNAP— A first of its kind pilot program has launched in NY that allows SNAP recipients to use foodstamps to purchase food online and have it delivered. Amazon, Shoprite, and Walmart are on board with Fresh Direct, Safeway, Hy-Vee and Dash’s Market set to join. If it’s successful, the program will likely roll out nationwide. Finally— Up in the air.