À la carte

Bananas? Oh No!— Breakfast and post workout snacks could be in jeopardy. Panama disease, an early/mid 20th century infection that once devastated the banana industry, is back. To fight it back then, we simply moved to a different, disease-resistant type of banana. Our bananas are not resistant to this new strain of Panama disease. Genetic modification may be the answer. Coke Class of ‘20— Coca Cola will be dressing Atlanta high school graduates next year in caps and gowns made from recycled plastic. Coke, have you met Adidas? Maybe you guys should collab’? Good On You, Meal Kits— A recent study found that meal kits have a lower carbon footprint than grocery bought meals. That may seem to fly in the face of logic for anyone who’s tried one. But, it all comes down to food waste. Once the entire cycle from farm to plate is accounted for, meal kits come out looking pretty good from the green perspective. Finally— A good time to visit Detriot?