À la carte

SAD— Happy Meals were a fairly simple concept and a great idea. Package a meal from a few basic menu items in a fun box, throw a cheaply made toy in there—boom!—the kids enjoy a half-hour of post McDonald’s bliss. Now, Burger King has partnered with Mental Health America to sell Whopper combos. They’re called Real Meals, for people who aren’t happy but still want a burger? No, this is not an SNL parody. #feelyourway Climate Diet— There’s been a lot of conversation out there about how our heavy meat consumption effects the planet. And, there are a lot people that aren’t aware of its effects, or, that don’t believe it has an effect at all. Here’s a 101 on your diet and its impact on the climate. Cinco de Mayo— It falls on a Sunday this year. There are plenty of spots where you can celebrate over margaritas. But you could go a bit more high-brow and get in the kitchen with Tu Casa, Mi Casa, chef Enrique Olvera’s new cookbook of Mexican recipes for the homecook. Olvera’s flagship restaurant, Pujol—in Mexico City—is consistently listed among the best in the world; his new book celebrates the simple pleasures of Mexican cuisine.  Finally— Kick back and do some bingeing with these Netflix food docs.