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Executive Order— The jury is still out on whether genetically modified food is good or bad for you. Fact is, the majority of scientists believe that GMO foods are safe, but we just don’t know everything there is to know about them. What’s their long-term impact? Are we compromising nutritional content? Are we inadvertently tinkering with the evolution of the human species? Time will tell. For now, the president has signed an executive order aimed at streamlining the approval process of GMO crops. Oh, Canada— Single-use plastic is on everyone’s hit list, and rightfully so. Still some folks just refuse to bring their own reusable bags to the grocery store. Vancouver’s East West Market, has an answer. Plastic bags designed with embarrassing logos. We love this. Bubble Trouble— Everyone loves bubble tea, right? Especially the kids… Doctors in China’s Zhejiang province found over 100 undigested tapioca pearls dotting the colon, and all the way down the digestive system, of a 14yr. old girl. The tea “bubbles” caused an abdominal blockage and fives days of pain and constipation. She was given laxatives as treatment. Finally— C’mon Florida… SMH