À la carte

Served on a Klipsk Ikea is launching its own food delivery service, no doubt driven by the staggering demand for not-so-Swedish meatballs and the expectation that the online food delivery market could hit $161Million WW by 2023. Hold your horses before you jump to the Ikea site… the program is testing in Paris, France; and meatballs aren’t on the delivery menu… yet. Cashing in on Stranger Things— The 80’s were a much simpler time; we had landlines and limited media options. We all watched the same shows, the same ads, and we all loved the same brands. Today everything is everywhere and the consumer market is a sea of choice, something for every one. It’s not surprising that big brands would long for their glory days. And when an opportunity at nostalgia comes knocking, well, that sounds like the perfect time to get retro . Pizza Hut, you can thank Netflix (you too Burger King and Baskin Robins). We’d Never Heard of This Sandwich— We’re not from Fall River, MA, but the chow mein sandwich that was birthed there sounds equal parts oddly-intriguing, clean-the-plate delicious, and nap-inducing. It’s history only adds to the flavor.  Finally— Carbageddon