À la carte

No April, Just Fool— Last Apr. 1st, my kids filled an Oreo with toothpaste and had a good laugh as I tore into it. I’d been had. 11yr. olds pranking parents is one thing. An adult Youtuber targeting a homeless man—for the entertainment of his followers—is an entirely different affair, as this guy found out. Hope this is a learning moment. Mark Your Calendars— We won’t beat around the bush here, Good Eats hosted by Alton Brown is coming back. Good Eats: The Return will premiere this August 25 at 10pm. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Alton in what seems to be his natural element, schooling us all in the science behind our favorite dishes and serving up the unexpected. We can’t wait. Sorry LA— Michelin stars are coveted in restaurant world. The company’s 2019 California Guide has been released, and no new three-star restaurants were named in LA or SoCal. Snub?  Head to San Francisco or wine country if you’re in Cali and craving the three-star treatment. Finally— Today is National Cheese Day.