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Fast Food All-Stars— The numbers are in, America’s favorite fast food restaurants have been identified in a study conducted by The Harris Poll. In-N-Out is our favorite burger (do people still order “animal style”?), followed by Wendy’s. Chick-fil-A topped the chicken joints, again, despite everything. Panera Bread beat out Subway in the sandwich category; Taco Bell is still our favorite spot for quick Mexican; Marco’s is our favorite pizza; and Dunkin’ Donuts tied with Krispy Kreme for top coffee shop. The Good, The Bad and the Hungry— Is literally the name of an ESPN ‘30 for 30’ focused on the rivalry between competitive eaters Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi, (of Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest fame). The show will air tomorrow July 2nd on ESPN. The Men’s Championship of The Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest will air live on ESPN2 following the Women’s Championship (which will air on ESPN3), on July 4th. What Happened to That Subway?— Remember not too long ago when a bunch of Subway restaurants closed? Something about underperforming stores? Seems it may have been about more than that. Franchisees allege the system was rigged; they say owners of more profitable stores were given the power to police their competitors, and in some cases even take over their stores. Finally— Cool is as cool does.