À la carte

The Last Mile— NY Times writer, Andy Newman, spent a couple of days performing what has become a truly crucial, but somewhat taken for granted, role. Food Delivery Person. Newman’s own brief experience riding for multiple companies including Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Postmates, offers just a glimpse into the life; and reminds us that your food made its last crucial trip—to your office, or your front door—because of a human being… for now. Mike Drop— A first-of-its-kind, redesigned Krispy Kreme store featuring an “enhanced donut theater experience,” custom-topped donuts, donut-topped milkshakes, and donut ice-cream sandwiches is set to open tomorrow in Concord, NC. Krispy Kreme plans to launch 45 of these new stores nationwide next year. BOOM. Location, Location, Location— They’re calling it a “nudge.” A team of British researchers has found that placement of items on fast food menu touchscreens can have an impact on food decisions, and could possibly lead to better choices. Based on their findings the team, who conducted their experiment at McDonald’s locations across England and Wales, surmises that when a satisfactory choice (say, Coke Zero) has a prominent menu position, the satisficer-type consumer is more likely to stop looking for a better alternative (like, regular Coke). Finally— The Twitter comments tho.