À la carte

Hmmm— Stephen Ross is a billionaire real estate developer, principal owner of the Miami Dolphins, chairman of the company that owns Hudson Yards, and chairman of the parent company to Equinox and Soul Cycle. He’s invested in restaurants with David Chang, José Andrés, and Christina Tosi. He also just held a fundraiser for Donald Trump at his house in South Hampton. Now the chefs, among others, aren’t happy about this, but they aren’t cutting ties because Stephen Ross is a good person. Except, you can’t be a good person if you actively support someone who sows the seeds of hate, lies, cheats, and denies truth. That feels more complicit than anything else. Tough spot. Money > Humanity. On The Train— Subway is the latest fast food chain to announce entry into the plant-based protein game. In partnership with Beyond Meat, they’ll be serving up the Beyond Meatball Marinara sub starting in December and only for a limited time. The chain has had a rough time finding its footing since the $5 footlong era; the least three years have seen more store closings across the US than openings (in the thousands). The partnership with Beyond Meat, is one of a few meant to reinvigorate the brand and its offerings. Everybody Loves Old Bay— Old Bay is on the lookout for their #1 Fan. Catherine Zhou may certainly be in the running; the Brooklynite (whose wifi network is named “oldbayseasoning”) recently woke up and learned there was a stranger outside her apartment wearing a sign posing a question to the network’s owner, “Are you our #1 fan?” It’s all part of a marketing contest. Obviously. But if you love Old Bay you might want in on this. Finally— ?uestlove’s Mixtape Potluck.