À la carte

Got Ubermilk?— Milk has taken an interesting turn in last few years. We accept that it doesn’t just come from cows, or goats, or people. Soy, almonds, cashews, and more are all in the milk game. The latest craze? Oat milk. And people seem to love it. Now Ubermilk is on the scene, an oat milk packed with protein and healthy fats. Pass the cereal.  Bucket o’ Beyond— KFC will debut Beyond Fried Chicken (that’s right, it’s plant-based chicken) at it’s Cobb Parkway location in Smyrna, Georgia today. Available in nuggets or boneless wings, Beyond Fried Chicken was developed in partnership with Beyond Meat. Is it still finger-lickin’ good? Can someone in Georgia grab a bucket and let us know? Eating Ourselves to Death— Almost half of the adult population in the US is pre-diabetic or diabetic. Three out of four American adults are either overweight or obese. And the medical cost for all of this is staggering.  This NY Times opinion piece posits that a myriad of health ailments could be addressed by increasing the effort around our national nutrition crisis.  Finally— Everything is [im]possible for the King.