À la carte

Less “Making You Wait”— Fries, eggs, burgers, [hotdogs?] … Everyone that loves ketchup, specifically Heinz Ketchup, has a technique for teasing it out of the bottle.  Kraft Heinz in Canada has now repositioned the label on the bottle to let you know the perfect angle for pouring. That, combined with a gentle tap on the “57” embossed on the glass, should get the good stuff flowing. A Conundrum— Plant-based meat is all the rage in our nation’s fast food restaurants. Burger King, Del Taco, Subway, KFC, White Castle… are all in on the movement. The notion? That their plant based offerings are healthier that their meaty counterparts. And, environmentally speaking, they are. But in terms of personal health, fast food’s plant based menu items often contain more salt and a comparable amount of fat to their meat items. It seems we’re swapping one problem for another. And while we’re applauding fast food for their efforts, they’re paying attention to their bottom lines, not necessarily our collective health. There’s Hope— Omari McQueen, an entrepreneurial chef of Jamaican descent learned to cook when his mother began experiencing debilitating migraines that left her immobile, sometimes for an entire day. The chef appeared on Step Up to The Plate, a BBC food competition. He didn’t advance, but used know how and networking to debut Dipalicious, a vegan Caribbean spot located at Boxpark, a well-known food hall. Oh, and he’s 11 years old. Go get ‘em kid. Finally— Oh no!