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What Heroes Do— Feeding disaster survivors is a big part of what José Andrés does. Whether it’s wildfires in California or hurricanes in Puerto Rico, the Michelin-Star chef is on hand to help. Now, he’s deployed his nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen, to the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Doubtful he’d ever call himself a hero, but… Actions. You’ll Go Blind— A British teen who would not eat “certain textures of food,” opting instead for daily portions of french fries, white bread, processed sliced ham, and sausages—for years—has gone legally blind and partially deaf due to nutritional deficiencies. Lack of several vitamins and minerals, including B vitamin and copper led to the young man’s condition, which is rare in developed countries. Too Early for This?— Pickering’s Gin, a Scottish distillery, has put 220 pounds of brussel sprouts that were going to go to waste to very spirited use; the first brussel sprout-based gin. To be sold in its annual set of Festively Flavoured Gin Baubles; Christmas tree ornaments filled with booze. Where have these been all our lives? (Rhetorical). Finally— When FOMO becomes just MO.