7-Eleven, It’s Time to get Fresh

Convenience. From a retail (brick and mortar) perspective, it typically goes hand-in-hand with compromise, especially when it comes to food. Open late with low-to-medium quality, limited selection. Cigarettes and beer, half-decent coffee, processed, canned, high sodium, high sugar, heat lamp warmed and always ready for you. This all might not sound too appetizing, or healthy, so why does one particular convenience store hold such a special place in our hearts?  You know the place I’m talking about.

7-Eleven, you’ve helped many a suburban kid through their teen years. We rode our bikes to your stores. We mashed up the Slurpee flavors, we ate your chili-cheese dogs and nachos, we bought Funyuns and sometimes semi-fresh donuts, we even hung out behind your parking lots on summer nights—doing what kids do. If that sounds nostalgic, well… maybe I’m talking about myself a bit. 7-Eleven is more than just convenience, it’s comfort.

Times change. We’re better informed. We have more options. Our collective food story has changed. We care about where our food comes from and what it’s doing to us. But we still need convenience. A grab-and-go meal still has its appeal, but it doesn’t always have to be an exploding burrito, a buffalo taquito, or a well-tanned, wrinkled, hot dog.

Hey 7-Eleven, take a bite of this: you know that Fresh Direct makes relatively healthy, delicious, ready-made meals. So do Prepped, Munchery, and Freshly. They don’t have stores. You do, complete with microwaves. Coupled with one (or more) of these, you could blend the old convenience with the new. Imagine giving thousands of people access to fresh, chef-prepared meals in your stores? It could change mealtime for a great many people. And change perceptions of 7-Eleven for everyone watching.