Dec 4: À la carte, (use by Dec. 6, 2017)

Blue Apron’s CEO Matt Salzburg, stepped down last week. Revenue per customer is up, but marketing spend is down. And they’re the worst performer of companies that went public this year. Strange, because they’re a killer performer in my kitchen. Delicious meals, just the right quantities, no food waste… Could this have something to do with all the people-hours needed to prep and package? Maybe they need an unlikely ally—a supermarket.

My Soda Stream sits on a counter in my kitchen, and is constantly in use. Soon though, we streamers could be considering another location for our bubbly beverage makers—behind the bar. That’s right, Soda Stream is getting into alcohol and wants to make sure the sparkling stuff keeps flowing. Coming soon to the US… hopefully.

Speaking of booze… Turns out one of my go-to foods is an unlikely source. A research team in Singapore has developed a method for turning tofu whey, an often-discarded liquid by-product of the production of tofu, into Sachi, a tasty alcoholic beverage with actual health benefits.

We’re in the holiday eating season, shopping and preparing meals for family, friends, dates… But how much food are we wasting? And how much food are we throwing away simply based on something as arbitrary as “sell by/use by” dates on food packaging? Adam Ruins Everything takes a look at those dates and what they mean.