Is Your Food strategy relevant to today’s food connected consumer?

Years ago we used to think of “foodies” as a niche audience. But today, nearly half the population self identifies as food-connected—they’re a powerful consumer segment and offer tremendous brand opportunities.
— Susie Fogelson

Nearly half of Americans consider themselves food-connected. They're young, affluent, they've started families and are ethnically diverse. Three-quarters of food-connectors would give up Facebook, and almost a third would rather give up sex than the pleasure of food and cooking. Food-connectors explore and express themselves through food and regularly engage with various aspects of food: cooking; media; and experiences.

To reach the food-connected, we help brands develop a Food Story. It's a strategy that enables multiple conversations and experiences across platforms, all connected in spirit.

Even if your brand isn't directly connected to food, it likely has a food story to tell.

We deliver food-centric marketing solutions through strategy, content communications, and experiential recommendations.

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